The Conquest of Happiness PDF by Bertrand Russell free download 2020

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The Conquest of Happiness PDF by Bertrand Russell

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In the period that Russell lived, there are philosophical explanations that treat man as a being-to-death or treat life as a drama. These explanations often treat life meaningless or empty of meanings. The Conquest of Happiness PDFSuch explanations are considered by existentialist schools. Russell does not understand life this way. For him, when there is this loss of meaning man is led by nonsense or manias that are masks to escape from reality.

The Conquest of Happiness PDF

In the book, in question, Russell devotes a specific chapter that diverges from such existentialist explanations. For him, people want to be loved and not tolerated. Melancholy is the loss of the taste of living. And Russell devotes a special chapter, in his book, to try to investigate this loss by the taste of living. Let us see the main arguments that he presents.(The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

The condition for man to distance himself from melancholy is to have a taste for living. And happiness is the translation of this appetite for life. By appetite to live, one must understand the interest in the things that life presents to us. For Russell, the more objects Man is interested in, the more occasions he will have to be happy.

The Conquest of Happiness PDF

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Russell explains that it is an interest in things that surround life, but in perceiving such things we often find ourselves. The pursuit of happiness in this understanding means that Man is interested in as many things as possible (emphasis ours).(The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

According to Russell, interests, when they are very restricted, distance Man from happiness because the chance of disappointment is even greater. Therefore, the continuation of the path to happiness is the taste for life and this implies being surprised by the world. For there to be redemption of the taste of living, Man must feel loved.(The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

Being loved, Man understands affection as a kindness (emphasis ours). We will make it clear that Russell wants to seek the basic meanings so that happiness is rescued by everyone regardless of their location or culture. So, goodness must be understood as something universal and for this the investigation gains a simpler meaning. Man must rescue the good “in himself.” An important aspect of this “good in himself” is the affection that we should receive and at the same time give. (The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

By affection, Man must not act for interest but always aim at the inherent goodness of the human being. Therefore, affection is a disinterested exchange that should not aim for safety, protection or escape from the loneliness. On the contrary, affection must be encouraged insofar as it integrates Man into a union, into an association that is of no interest. Just the communion of the taste for life.(The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

Russell’s text was written with an ethical hedonistic drive. That is, happiness must always be considered as a good persecuted by everybody (emphasis ours). The essential categories that we seek to demonstrate in this text reflect Bertrand Russell’s attempt to point out the paths to happiness and its obstacles.(The Conquest of Happiness PDF)

The Conquest of Happiness PDF

Unlike happiness, unhappiness is produced by the lack of love for life that causes the disintegration of man (emphasis ours). The happy man, on the contrary, if we consider the categories presented for living, we will feel the unity between the inner and the outer world. Such unity is what prevents him from understanding about life as drama or as melancholy. The unity of the intimate with the external is the fundamental cause of happiness (emphasis ours) which is a path to be covered by any contemporary ethical discussion.

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