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History of Sindhi

The new history creates an image of the vanquished from its own angle and the defeated nation does not provide any opportunity to defend or to correct historical narrative that is not in its favor. As a result, the construction of the history made by the conquerors becomes valid without challenge.

Sindhi Books PDF

A change comes when nations fight wars of liberation and become independent after a long and arduous struggle. During this process, leaders of liberation movements are required to use history in order to fulfill their political ends. Therefore, attempts are made to glorify the past to counter the causes of their subjugation.(Sindhi Books PDF)

A comprehensive plan is made to retrieve their lost past and reconstruct history to rediscover their traditions and values and strengthen their national identity. However, in some cases. subject nations are so much integrated into the culture of their conquerors that they lose their national identity and align themselves with foreign culture.

They accept their version of history and recognize the aggressors as their heroes who had liberated them from their inefficient rulers and, after elimination o their out-dated traditions, introduced them to modem values and new ideas. Having these notions of foreign culture, they no longer take any interest in their history and traditions.(Sindhi Books PDF)

Sindhi Books PDF

They adopt a different point of view of history after rejecting the ‘past and concentrate on the present and regard the arrival of conquerors as the harbinger of a new age. These two different points of view divide the society into two antithetical groups; one who refuses to recognize foreign culture and values and makes efforts to conserve and preserve their own identity the other group, after breaking their relations with their indigenous culture, integrate with the foreign culture and assume the role of modernizers.(Sindhi Books PDF)

They believe that their culture has lost all energy and vitality, and is not in a position to adapt in a new atmosphere and help the society to progress. The conflict between forces of continuity and modernity in most cases remains unresolved but keeps the society moving.

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Muhammad Ali Kufi translated the Chuchnama (The History of Sindh) from Arabic to Persian in 1216 A.D. The name of its author remains unknown. However, some scholars have made an attempt to trace and determine the name of the author on the basis of the style of writing, and have reached the conclusion that it might be written by al Mad’ini.

The Chuchnama has an important place in the historiography of Sindh, as it provides a brief history of Sindh before the Arab conquest and how they conquered this part of the Indian subcontinent. The history is written from the angle of the Arab conquerors, and the point-of- view of the vanquished is obviously neglected.(Sindhi Books PDF)

An analysis of the text shows how the conquerors justify their invasion and condemn the defeated one. As it is a well-known fact that every invader tries to find out moral justification of his invasion so the Chuchnama is no exception. It is argued that the Chuch family were not legal rulers, but usurped the throne by making conspiracy and deprived its lawful ruler from the throne. Therefore, the expulsion of such a ruler from power is morally justified.

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Secondly, Raja Dahar’s image was depicted in such a way that he appears as a man who has the lust for power and is morally corrupt. He married his own sister just to save his throne, as astrologers predicted that her husband would become the king. Therefore, such a person did not deserve to be a ruler.(Sindhi Books PDF)

The Chuchnama also narrates the stay of Muslim . women and children captured by sea pirates and not released in spite ofHajjaj’s request to Dahar. That became the main cause for the invasion. However, there is no mention of the economic motives of the Arabs, who wanted to doininate the Indian Ocean for the safety of their trade and commerce. (Sindhi Books PDF)

The battles that were fought between the Arabs and the people of Sindh are depicted as a conflict between ‘the just and the unjust’ or between ‘truth and falsehood’ (haq-o-bati!). On one side were the forces of justice, while on the other were those who oppressed and exploited their own people.

Sindhi Books PDF

Raja Dahar is referred to as infidel and accursed. In the eyes of the Arabs, he was the symbol of evil and darkness. On the basis of these differences, it was concluded that the Arabs were supported by divine power, while infidels were condemned to lose. There are many examples of how the army of Islam was saved from catastrophe due to Divine blessing.

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