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This 15th edition of Atkinson & Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology includes several welcome developments to the text since the publication of the 14th edition in 2002. Firstly, the author  team has been expanded, and for the first time includes authors from outside North America, bringing a fresh international perspective to the textbook.

The established author team of Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Barbara Fredrickson and Geoff Loftus has been joined by Willem Wagenaar (University of Leiden) and Christel Lutz (University of Utrecht), who have helped to add a fresh European influence, and create a truly transatlanti introductory textbook for undergraduate psychology students wherever they are studying. Mark Reinitz (Uni- versity of Puget Sound) has also joined the team as a valuable contributor to this edition.

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Psychology Books PDF


For those familiar with the content, style and approach of Atkinson & Hilgard, which was first published in 1953, this new edition is the next step in the rich history of the book. As a book with an established reputation on both sides of the Atlantic,

The introduction of European co- authors has coincided with a move to broaden the international horizons of the text. Our aim is to increase the relevance and accessibility of Atkinson & Hilgard to the many lecturers and students who use the book outside of

North America without diluting the appeal to our longstanding American readership. As with previous editions we continue to cover classic landmark research while also investigating contemporary cutting-edge research. The classic studies that are the foundation of psychology are critical for students to understand and appreciate.

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We continue to cover these studies, emphasizing their impact on the field and on ou daily lives. We also acknowledge the tremendous amount of innovative work that is being done in contemporary psychology. In the 15th edition, we cover the most promising new work in psychology, including developments in cognitive neuroscience and research on the brain and behavior,(Psychology Books PDF)

Creative applications of basic research in sensation and perception, the ‘new wave’ of research on emotion, intelligence, genetic and evolutionary theories of personality, and social psychological perspectives on culture. The result is a comprehensive and exciting overview combining the best of the old and the best of the new in psychology.(Psychology Books PDF)

Psychology Books PDF


Each chapter has been carefully revised with the help of critical review input from specialists in each chapter topic, in order to ensure that each chapter is thoroughly up-to- date and contains a careful blend of coverage drawing from notable trends in psychology from North America, Europe, and beyond. (Psychology Books PDF)

Over 350 new references have been added since the 14th edition, including a mix of very recent research, and broader coverage of relevant studies in each topic area. The teaching of psychology is constantly evolving and careful attention has been paid to ensure that this edition covers the needs of introductory psychology courses, at undergraduate level, as they are being taught in 2009.

Psychology Books PDF

The Seeing Both Sides features, which present diver- gent perspectives on specific topics, have been preserved in the 15th edition and can be found towards the end of each chapter. Most have been revised by existing authors, or have been replaced by new debates reflecting current hot topics of debate. We thank the wide range of highly regarded international contributors who have shared their own research-driven perspectives with us throughout this edition.(Psychology Books PDF)

The Cutting Edge Research features have also even been revised to include new topics, such as the psychological effects of internet use amongst adolescents, and how the brain processes optical illusions, and existing features have been updated to reflect how different areas of research have evolved in recent years.(Psychology Books PDF)

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