Principal of Constitutional LAW PDF by Chittharanjan Felix Amerasinghe -2nd Edition free Download

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free Download Principal of Constitutional LAW PDF by Chittaranjan Felix Amerasinghe -2nd Edition

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principal of constitutional law pdf

Principles of the Institutional Law of International Organizations

This second edition of C. F. Amerasinghe’s successful book, which covers the institutional aspects of the law of international organizations, has been revised to include, among other things, a new chapter on judicial organs of international organizations, as well as a considerably developed chapter on dispute settlement. There is a rigorous analysis of all the material alongside a functional examination of the law.

A brief history of international organizations is followed by chapters on, amongst others, interpretation, membership and representation, international and national personality, judicial organs, the doctrine of ultra vires, the liability of members to third parties, employment relations, dissolution and succession, and amendment.(principal of constitutional law pdf

Important principles are extracted and discussed, and the practice of different organizations examined. Chittaranjan Felix Samarasinghe was formerly Judge at the UN Tribunal in New York, and of the Commonwealth Secretariat Tribunal in London.

principal of constitutional law pdf

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He was also Professor of Law and later Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Ceylon, Colombo. He was Director of the Secretariat and Registrar at the World Bank Tribunal in Washington and is currently a member of the Institut de Droit International. (principal of constitutional law pdf)

He has advised governments on international law and has written extensively on the subject. He is a Doctor of Law of the University of Cambridge. His publications include State Responsibility for Injuries to Aliens (1967), Studies in International Law (1969),

The Law of the International Civil Service (two volumes, 2nd edition, 1994), Documents on International Administrative Tribunals (1989), Case Law of The World Bank Administrative Tribunal (three volumes, 1989, 1993 and 1997), Local Remedies in International Law (2nd edition, 2004), and a treatise entitled Jurisdiction of International Tribunals (2002).

principal of constitutional law pdf

History of international organizations

Bilateral and even multilateral relations between states have a long history, but the establishment of public international organizations functioning as institutions is essentially a development of the late nineteenth century.

Consular relations designed to protect interests in commerce, and diplomatic relations concerned with the representation of states, go far back in history: the former to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans; the latter to a somewhat later period, taking its modern shape in the fifteenth century.

principal of constitutional law pdf

It is in these institutions that the origins of the more complex institutions which started evolving in the early nineteenth century can be found. When bilateral relationships based on the existence of diplomatic embassies or missions were found to be inadequate to meet more complex situations arising from problems concerning not just two but many states, (principal of constitutional law pdf)

a means had to be found for representation in the same forum of the interests of all the states concerned. This was the international conference. It was the ad hoc temporary conference convened for a specific purpose and terminating once the agreement was reached on the subject matter and a treaty was adopted that evolved ultimately into permanent international organizations with organs that function on a permanent basis and meet periodically.(principal of constitutional law pdf)

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Principal of Constitutional LAW PDF by Chittharanjan Felix Amerasinghe -2nd Edition free Download 1

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