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A Nation is orphaned

AS I see the mausoleum in Karachi go upward, inch by inch, to shelter the mortal remains of my brother, poignant memories come rushing into the mind of that day, a Saturday, the 11th of September 1948, when I lost my elder brother, and my nation became an orphan.

Before embarking on this venture to project his life as I saw it, having been his constant companion for more than forty years,’ I thought it fit to go to his grave this morning, to offer my prayers, to lay some flowers, and to shed a tear. For, after all, what else can one give to those that one loved, and who have departed to the Great Beyond.(My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah)

My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah

He has become a part of history, and the pages of this book will endeavor to unfold his fife and work, his years of struggle, his days of frustration, his moments of triumph, and the concept, philosophy, and ideology which were the basis of his demand for Pakistan.

Nature had gifted him with a giant’s strength in so far as his determination to achieve the tasks that he had set for himself were concerned, but it had clothed that will in a frail body, unable to keep pace with the driving force of his restless mind and will. (My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah)

It was bitter to be afflicted with health that could not stand the rigors of tumultuous life in the face of overwhelming odds, and to be gifted with a tenaciousness that wanted to. triumph over all obstacles to lead his people to their ultimate destiny. His political activities and responsibilities had increased manifold during the last ten years of his life when he had already entered the morning [?] of his old age.(My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah)

My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah

Despite the advice of, his doctors and the pleadings of a younger sister, he did not spare himself, refusing to take rest or respite. Work, work and more work. He drained away from the last reserves of his energy like a spendthrift child of nature.

Alarmed at his poor health, when I sometimes begged of him not to work such long hours and to give up for some time the constant and whirlwind tours that carried him from one end of India to another, he would say, “Have you ever heard of a General take a holiday, when his army is fighting for its very survival on a battlefield?” He had the reputation of demolishing a well-built up case with one sentence, and what match could I be for him when it came to arguments? On such occasions, I abandoned logic for sentiment,(My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah)

“But your life is precious, and you must take good care of it.” With a distant look in his eyes, he said, “What is the health of one individual, when I am concerned with the very existence of ten crore2 Muslims of India? Do you realize how much is at stake?”

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My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah

This was enough to silence sentimentalism, and he plunged himself deeper and deeper into the stormy ocean of political struggle to the utter neglect of his health. When the general elections under the newly enacted Government of India Act, 1935, were being held in February 1987 all over  India, the Muslim League for the first time put up its own candidates.

At that time the League was neither well organised, nor had its message yet reached the Muslim masses. The brunt of the burden of organization, of rallying public opinion in favor of the League, fell on his shoulders. The more he traveled, addressing mass meetings, the more were the demands made on his time.(My Brother Book PDF By Fatima Ali Jinnah)

He flooded with requests inviting him to visit cities, towns, and villages, to carry the message of the League to the Muslims, who were gradually becoming more and more conscious that unless they stood together, their political future was not secure.

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