Download Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE Best Tips and Tricks 2020

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Download Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE 

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Defining the Essay

M.H. Abrams notes that the essay is “Any short composition in prose that undertakes to discuss a matter, express a point of view, or persuade us to accept  a thesis on any subject.” For me, the essay has always been a thing for teaching in the spring.

I see the planning, researching, and writing of an essay as a major project. A variety of prerequisite skills—idea gathering, topic narrowing, topic sentence, and paragraph writing, and more—are required. As the months from September to February or March pass, I try to build the anticipation toward the opportunity for essay writing.

Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE

I think about how Tom Sawyer convinced his friends to whitewash Aunt Polly’s fence: “…I reckon there ain’t one boy in a thousand, maybe two thousand, that can do it the way it’s got to be done.” That’s how I try to make essay writing—a task worthy of care, attention, and anticipation. Although how you actually define an essay will depend on you and your class, you will probably want to cover the following in a very basic way:       (Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE)

• the purpose of an essay
• the basic structure of an essay
• how the essay structure fulfills the purpose
• types of essays
• what an essay is not

Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE

When the time finally arrives, I use cloze notes to reinforce how we, as a class, have defined the essay. I believe that cloze notes take the drudgery out of note-taking, provide the essential skeleton for tidy notes, reinforce the key elements of what is being studied, and show students that you are using note-taking for a reasonable, helpful purpose and not just to give yourself an extended coffee break.(Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE)

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The Shape of the Essay

For many of today’s students, an essay is five to seven paragraphs of prose writing that explains or persuades. The actual length of the body of the essay is not particularly relevant. What is important is that students understand the general

overview of the essay.

I like to begin with a picture. My students know that I promote visualization, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of them that I have a Picture of an Essay (page 10) up my painter’s smock. In class, I just draw a bunch of lines on the board. As this is a teacher reference, I jazzed up my artistic rendition to create what you see on page 10—but the essence is the same. I take students through my Picture step-by-step.  (Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE)

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1. The introductory paragraph is relatively short. On a classroom whiteboard, I draw my lines in green to symbolize Go. It is the beginning and invites the reader to proceed. The concluding paragraph—in red to symbolize Stop—is also quite short.

Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE

2. The body paragraphs are longer than either the introduction or conclusion. The left margins are as straight as an arrow, as a teacher’s path to the coffee machine, or as a Sunday-school teacher’s sense of humor. While the right margins are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, a politician’s promise, or a principal’s path to the point he is trying to make, they are straight enough to centre the writing as would a picture frame. Arrows join the paragraphs, showing that the preceding one is connected to the latter.(Essay Writing Book PDF by JOCK MACKENZIE)

3. The sentences in blue on my classroom whiteboard are the topic sentences. Topic sentences, in individual paragraphs, will have been taught earlier in the year and in previous grades. When I am drawing and coloring the essay picture, I will remind students of the concept of a topic sentence, but won’t dwell on it until we look at some exemplars (see pages 56–57).

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