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Marketing and the Consumer

Modern marketing thought stresses the need of business managers to know who their customers are and why they choose their products rather than those of rival firms. Marketing is not a case of finding or inducing someone to buy whatever the firm happens to manufacture.


Nowadays successful management depends more than ever on matching every aspect of the business product, advertising, after-sales service and so on to the satisfaction of consumer needs. This is the essence of consumer-orientation as an integrated approach to business management.

Consumer-orientation stems from the firm’s adoption and implementation of the Marketing Concept, a philosophy of business organisation which has three major implications: firstly, the success of any firm depends above all on the consumer and what he or she is willing to accept and pay for;

secondly, the firm must be aware of wha the market wants well before production commences, and, in the case of highly technological industries, long before production is even planned; and thirdly, consumer wants must be continually monitored and measured so that, through product and market development, the  firm keeps ahead of its competitors.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)

Obviously, this concept of business management is not founded on altruism. It emphasises the profitability of the firm as well as the satisfaction of buyers by showing that profits follow service.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)


The following statement of the marketing concept illustrates these points: The marketing message is that the consumers……..are the arbiters of fortune in business, and rightly so; and that by consulting the interest of the consumers systematically both before production is undertaken and throughout the process of distribution,

industrial and commercial activity not only brings forth wanted goods and services in a timely and thus economical and profitable manner, but also reveals itself in its proper role, thriving in its service to the community, raising the standard of living and meriting the reward it receives.

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In a competitive economic system, therefore, the survival and growth of firms requires accurate knowledge about consumers: how they buy, why they buy and where they buy as well as just what they buy.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)

Critics of marketing contend that this is unnecessary, that it is possible to manipulate hapless buyers into parting with their money in return for products they do not want. The reality of marketing was stated recently by a director of Unilever, Lord Trenchard,2 in terms which show such criticism to be ill founded: The concept that technology can decide what the consumer shall have, and the advertiser can condition her to want, is laughable. (CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)

Every new activity in the food market starts with finding out what consumers want. Many of the largest companies have learnt from experience that if they get it wrong no amount of advertising on earth will compensate. Seventy per cent of new food products fail.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)


it is not surprising, then, that considerable interest has been expressed in using the behavioural sciences, especially social psychology and sociology, to understand the consumer. As a result, consumers’ psychological backgrounds have been investigated in order to establish the extent to which factors like attitudes,

motives and personality traits affect buying behaviour; and social influences such as class, status and the family have also been examined for their contribution to our understanding of consumer decision making.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)

The following chapters are concerned with concepts and variables such as these and their usefulness in consumer research. Before this is done, however, it will be valuable to look at recent trends in the application of behavioural science to marketing in order to appreciate the necessity of a critical approach to the study of consumer behaviour.(CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR BY GORDON R. FOXALL PDF)

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