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Innovation succeeds best when it is culturally appropriate. This axiom of applied anthropology could guide the international spread not only of development projects but also of businesses, such as fast food. Each time McDonald’s or Burger King expands to a new nation, it must devise a culturally appropriate strategy for fitting into the new setting.

McDonald’s has been successful internationally, with more than a quarter of its sales outside the United States. One place where
McDonald’s is expanding successfully is Brazil, where more than 50 million middle-class people, most living in densely packed cities, provide a concentrated market for a fast-food chain. Still, it took McDonald’s some time to find the right marketing strategy for Brazil.


In 1980 when I visited Brazil after a seven year absence, I first noticed, as a manifestation of Brazil’s growing participation in the world economy, the appearance of two McDonald’s restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. There wasn’t much difference between Brazilian and North American McDonald’s. The restaurants looked alike.

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The menus were more or less the same, as was the taste of the quarter pounders. I picked up an artifact, a white paper bag with yellow lettering, exactly like the take-out bags then used in American McDonald’s. An advertising device, it carried several messages about how Brazilians could bring McDonald’s into their lives.

However, it seemed to me that McDonald’s Brazilian ad campaign was missing some important points about how fast food should be marketed in a culture that values large, leisurely lunches. The bag proclaimed, “You’re going to enjoy the [McDonald’s] difference,” and listed several “favorite places where you can enjoy McDonald’s products.” This list confi rmed that the marketing people were trying to adapt to Brazilian middle class culture, but they were making some mistakes. “When you go out in the car with the kids” transferred the uniquely developed North American cultural combination of highways, affordable cars, and suburban living to the very different context of urban Brazil. A similar suggestion was “traveling to the country place.”

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Even Brazilians who owned country places could not find McDonald’s, still confined to the cities, on the road. The ad creator had apparently never attempted to drive up to a fast-food restaurant in a neighborhood with no parking spaces. Several other suggestions pointed customers toward the beach, where cariocas (Rio natives) do spend much of their leisure time.

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The study of human origins is one of the most fascinating branches of anthropology. Yet it has rarely been considered by social or cultural anthropologists, who represent the largest subfield of the discipline. In this powerful study Alan Barnard aims to bridge this gap. Barnard argues that social anthropological theory has much to contribute to our understanding of human evolution, including changes in technology, subsistence and exchange, family and kinship, as well as to the study of language, art, ritual and belief. This book places social anthropology in the context of a widely conceived constellation of anthropological sciences. It incorporates recent findings in many fields, including primate studies, archaeology, linguistics and human genetics. In clear, accessible style Barnard addresses the fundamental questions surrounding the evolution of human society and the prehistory of culture, suggesting a new direction for social anthropology that will open up debate across the dis- cipline as a whole. alan bar nard is Professor of the Anthropology of Southern Africa
at the University of Edinburgh, where he has taught since 1978. He has undertaken a wide range of ethnographic fieldwork and archaeological research in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, is a participant in the British Academy Centenary Research Project ‘From Lucy to language: the archaeology of the social brain’ and serves as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia in Scotland. His numerous publications include History and theory in anthropology (2000) and Anthropology and the Bushman (2007).

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