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The other side of the story involves John. He, too, has problems that are a contributing factor to the situation he and Mary face in their marriage, home and family. John should be taking his position as head of the family. God intends for him to be the priest of his home. John is also born again and knows the proper order for family life.

Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF 

He knows that he should not allow his wife to run the household, the finances, the children and him. He knows all this, but he doesn’t do anything about it except feel defeated and retreat into TV and sports. John is hiding from his responsibility because he hates confrontation.(Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF )

He prefers to take a passive attitude, thinking, “Well, if I just leave this situation alone, perhaps it will work itself out.” Or, he excuses himself from taking real action by saying, “I’ll pray about it.” Of course, prayer is good, but not if it is merely a way of avoiding responsibility.

Let me clarify what I mean when I say that John should assume his God-given position in the home. I don’t mean that he should come on like “Mr. Macho,” ranting and raving about his authority. Ephesians 5:25 teaches that a man should love his wife as Christ loved the Church.(Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF )

John needs to take responsibility, and with responsibility comes authority. He should be firm with his wife—loving but firm. He should reassure Mary that even though she was hurt as a child, as she releases herself to God through trusting Him, she will gain confidence that not all men are like her father was.

John should be doing a lot of things; but like Mary, he also has “mindsets” that open the door for the devil to hold him captive. There is also a battle going on in John’s mind. Like Mary, he was verbally abused in childhood. His domineering mother had a sharp tongue and frequently said hurtful things to him, things like: “John, you’re such a mess; you’ll never amount to anything.” John tried hard to please his mother because he craved her approval (as all children do); but the harder he tried, the more mistakes he made.

Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF 

He had a habit of being clumsy, so his mother told him all the time what a “klutz” he was. Of course, he dropped things because he was trying so hard to please that it made him nervous, and so he defeated his purpose. He also experienced some unfortunate rejection from children with whom he desired to be friends. This type of thing happens to most of us at some time in our lives, but it devastated John because he already felt rejected by his mother.(Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF )

And there was a girl whom he really liked in his early high school years who rejected him for another boy. By the time all of these things had tallied up in John’s life, and the devil had worked on him, building strongholds in his mind for years and years, John simply had no courage to be anything but quiet, shy and withdrawn. (Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF )

John is a low-key type person who simply chooses not to make waves. For years he has been having thoughts directed into him that go something like this: “There is no point in telling anyone what you think; they won’t listen anyway. If you want people to accept you, you just need to go along with whatever they want.”(Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF )

Advanced Anecdotes In American English PDF 

The few times he tried to stand his ground on an issue, it seemed that he always ended up losing, so he finally decided that confrontation wasn’t worth the effort. “I’m going to lose anyway in the end,” he reasoned, “so why even start anything?”

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