Best 501 Vocabulary Questions PDF, Enhance Your Vocabulary

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Download 501 Vocabulary Questions PDF and enhance your vocabulary for Competitive Exams

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A rich vocabulary is both a great asset and a great joy. When you have an extensive vocabulary, you can provide precise, vivid descriptions; you can speak more fluently and with more confidence; you can understand more of what you read, and you can read more sophisticated texts.

A good vocabulary can enrich your personal life, help you achieve academic success, and give you an edge over others in the workplace. Whether you want to improve your vocabulary for a standardized test, learn more effective communication skills to use in the workplace, or be more articulate in social situations, the 501 questions in this book will help you achieve your goal.(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

501 Vocabulary Questions PDF

How to Use This Book

Each chapter begins with a list of words and their definitions. These are words you can expect to find in newspapers and magazines, in business documents, in textbooks, and on standardized tests like the SAT. The 501 words are divided by theme into 25 chapters.

Each chapter has 20 questions to test your knowledge of the words in that chapter. The questions may be multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blank, synonym/antonym, or analogy. In addition, the four “Word Pairs” chapters ask you to complete a cross word puzzle with the chapter’s vocabulary words. Answers to each question are provided at the end of each chapter.

501 Vocabulary Questions PDF

The questions increase slightly in difficulty towards the end of the book, but you can complete the chapters in any order you wish. If you prefer one theme over another, you can skip ahead to that chapter. Just be sure to come back and complete each section. When you are ready to begin, review the word list at the beginning of each chapter. Read each definition carefully.(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

You may find that you do not know the exact meaning of words that you thought were familiar, even if you know the context in which the word is often used. For instance, the phrase moot point has come to mean a point not worth discussing because it has no value or relevance.

This is a non-standard use of the word but one that has come to be accepted. Moot actually means debatable or undecided. You may also find that some words have secondary meanings that you do not know.

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501 Vocabulary Questions PDF

To help seal the words and their meanings in your memory, try these general vocabulary-building strategies:

1. Create flashcards. Use index cards to create an easy and effective study tool. Put the vocabulary word on one side and its meaning and a sample sentence on the other. You can copy the sample sentence from the word list, but you will learn the word faster and remember it better if you create a sentence of your own.(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

2. Use the words as you learn them. The best way to remember what a word means is to use it. Make it an active part of your vocabulary as soon as possible. Use the word in a letter to a friend, as you write in your journal, or in your next conversation with a coworker. Share your new words with your best friend, your siblings, or your spouse.

3. Keep it manageable. You can’t learn 501 new words overnight, and you will only get frustrated if you try to memorize them all at once. (501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

4. Review, review, review. After you learn a set of words, remember to review those words regularly. If you simply keep moving forward with new words without stopping to review everything you have already learned, much of your effort will be in vain.(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

501 Vocabulary Questions PDF

Repetition is the key to mastery, especially with vocabulary. The more you review the words and their meanings and the more you use them, the more quickly and permanently they will become part of your vocabulary.

You can use this book to review as often as you like. Review the word list periodically, and give yourself the opportunity to answer each question more than once. Instead of writing in this book, write all of your answers on a separate piece of paper.(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

If you prefer to write in the book, mark your answers lightly in pencil so that you can erase your answers and use the 501 questions for review a few months or years down the road. Congratulations on taking these very important steps toward building a better vocabulary. Enjoy!(501 Vocabulary Questions PDF)

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